Dainfos Lab Master Student spoke at the WAIM 2016

Damir Mirzanurov attended the 17th International Conference on Web-Age Information Management and presented the paper titled “An Effective Cluster Assignment Strategy for Large Time Series Data”.


The 17th International Conference on Web-Age Information Management (WAIM), held on June 3–5, 2016, in Nanchang, Jiangxi, China is a flagship conference in the Asia-Pacific region focusing on the research, development, and applications of Web information management.

The paper  presented by Damir is focused on the problem of clustering time series data. “YADING is one of the most recent and efficient methods to cluster large-scale time series data, which mainly consists of sampling, clustering, and assigning steps. Given a set of processed time series entities, in the sampling step, YADING clusters are found by a density-based clustering method. Next, the left input data is assigned by computing the distance to the entities in the sampled data. Sorted Neighbors Graph data structure is used to prune the similarity computation of all possible pairs of entities. However, it does not guarantee to choose the sampled time series with lower density and therefore results in deterioration of accuracy.”- shared Damir, member of the Dainfos Lab of Innopolis Univerisity To resolve this issue, in the report they propose a strategy to order the SNG keys with respect to the density of clusters. The strategy improves the fast selection of time series entities with lower density and achieves high accuracy in terms of NMI.  The paper is written in cooperation with Dr. Waqas Navaz,  Prof. Jooyoung Lee and Prof.Qiang Qu.